AirMini Starter Kit (with mask)

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AirMini Starter Kit with AirFit P10 for AirMini - incl. S, M & L size pillows

This kit includes these components: 

  • AirMini AutoSet machine
  • AirFit P10 for AirMini Nasal Pillows mask
  • AirMini P10 Set-up kit including HumidX waterless humidification
  • AirMini app (free download)


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Small in size, smart with features, and using proven AutoSet algorithms, AirMini solutions provide you with the quality therapy you’ve come to expect from ResMed in a truly compact and travel-friendly package.

This kit includes all the components required to commence your sleep therapy:

  • AirMini AutoSet machine
  • AirFit P10 for AirMini Nasal pillows mask - S, M & L size pillows included
  • AirMini P10 Set-up kit including HumidX waterless humidification*
  • AirMini app (free download)


  • AirMini AutoSet machine: This compact AirMini device uses the same algorithms that underpin ResMed’s bedside devices, and offers features such as AutoRamp, Expiratory Pressure Relief and Smart Start and Stop. The AirMini can be operated with a one-touch button or you can use the AirMini smartphone app to customise your therapy comfort to your individual needs and view your treatment data. Supplied with two mains cables; one for UK and one for use within the EU. Read more here
  • AirFit P10 for AirMini: This special version of AirFit P10 nasal pillows mask has been designed to work only with the AirMini device. If you already have a standard version AirFit P10, because of the new venting technology it will not be compatible with the new AirMini device. The AirFit P10 for AirMini is designed to be as unobtrusive and comfortable as possible. It is easy to fit, clean and assemble. 
  • AirMini P10 Set-up kit This special version of AirFit P10 nasal pillows mask includes the built-in vent that features our ActiveAir technology, which makes the AirMini solution possible. This special vent allows you to insert HumidX waterless humidification system directly between you and the vent for optimal humidification. Supplied are: 1 HumidX™, 1 HumidX Plus for when higher levels of humidification are needed and 1 AirMini tube that connects the mask to the device. Learn more about AirFit P10 for AirMini mask kit
  • AirMini app: Use the smartphone AirMini app to activate your machine, manage comfort options and monitor your sleep therapy online. AirMini app is available for iPhone (iOS version 9.3.5 minimum) and Android (version 4.4 minimum). 

*Each HumidX lasts for 30 days once it has been opened out of the packaging. If you would like to stock up with additional supplies of these, HumidX and HumidX+ are also available to buy in packs of 1, 3 and 6.

Technical details

Manufacturer ResMed
Colour White
Modes AutoSet, AutoSet for Her, CPAP
Pressure 4-20cm H2O
Sound pressure level (EN ISO 17510-1:2009) 29dB
Length 52mm
Width 84mm
Height 136mm
Weight 300g
Warranty 2 years
Aircraft use Meets Federal Aviation Administration requirements for all phases of air travel
Advice / Videos

Download AirMini User Guide for detailed recommendations on how to set up, clean and use your AirMini solution.

Download AirMini app patient e-help guide for details on changing your comfort settings and tracking your sleep:

eHelp Guide for iPhone AirMini app 

eHelp Guide for Android AirMini app

Learn more about optimising the use of your AirFit P10 mask: User Guide

Enjoy the benefits of AirMini, the smallest portable CPAP machine




Discover the AirFit P10, an ultra light and quiet nasal-pillows mask



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A mini miracle

I started using CPAP in 2012 and was supplied with an S9 by the NHS. A good machine, but I sometimes didn't need as much pressure as was being supplied. Not being eligible for auto CPAP from the NHS, I invested in an Air Sense 10. At the time, I really wanted an Air Mini but was advised that this shouldn't be used in preference to the S9 or Air Sense 10. I therefore bought the Air Sense 10, and have been really pleased with it. After waiting for some time, I was able to buy the Air Mini. Because I ordered and had the Air Min delivered whilst travelling, I was using it straight away. Data analysis etc is the reason the Air Mini can't be used , as a primary device. Don't let this make you believe it doesn't perform as effectively though. I was a bit sceptical about the HumidX, but am more than pleased to say that it's BRILLIANT! I was half expecting to wake up with a dry mouth, as I did before using a humidifier. Instead I woke up feeling every bit as refreshed as I do with the Air Sense 10. The AirMini App works in much the same way as myAir. The difference though, is how it combines sleeping periods. i.e I had a sleep this afternoon using the Air Mini. That will be combined with tonight's usage hours, giving total usage hours for any daytime sleep prior to that nights sleep period. This also effects the myAir score for mask on/off if using SmartStop. What might normally be only 1 mask on/off, will become 2, being once for each sleep period. As for travelling with the AirMini. This is what it was designed for, and couldn't be better! Small, lightweight, easy to set up with optional travel accessories available to make using it even better. One accessory I would say is a MUST! is a Premium Carry Bag. The Premium Carry Bag is a great piece of kit, which compliments the AirMini very nicely. You might have noticed I ordered this whilst travelling. You would be correct to assume then, that I had my Air Sense 10 with me at the time. This speaks of just how easy the AirMini is to travel with.

– 11-Feb-2019 – Mask Type: F20, Size: M,
Air Mini

I have had sleep apnoea since Feb 2015. I have always used the Air Sense 10 which is a great machine. As I do a lot of travelling, I thought I would also get the Air Mini. Have tried it for the last 3 nights and its been perfect. I think it's great, Wife thinks it's great. Well done Res Med, great piece of kit to aid my sleep apnoea.

– 27-May-2018 – Mask Type: F20, Size: M,
I no longer need 3 bags in Hand luggage

I have been lugging my Airsense 10 around for the last year on plains and trains and to be honest I can see that the machine is taking a bit of a pounding. I don't think it is unto being dismantled and re-assembled every day. Added to which it is too big to go in hand luggage so always has to be carried separately which means I am a bit of a pack horse when travelling and it all gets a little wearing if I am honest. So when I got a recent contract that required me to do a lot of air travel, I thought I needed to do something about the luggage situation. The Air Mini is tiny in comparison to the Airsense. I have the travel case for it, but if I am short on space I can just wrap it in a shirt in the suitcase. I no longer know I am travelling with a CPAP. This has made travelling a lot easier and I suspect will increase the working life of my Airsense. Now, I have seen a lot of complaints about the noise the Mini produces, and yes it does produce some more noise because of the Humidifier. I can only suggest that if you are a very light sleeper, then this might affect you. Personally I am too tired to care and fall asleep easily. It is more likely to be a plane or a car outside the hotel that wakes me and not the Mini. I also read a lot that most people say the Humid X is more than enough humidity. I disagree, I think if you have upped your humidity levels on your air sense from the default, you will want the Humid X Pro. What is surprising is that the air is warm in the machine. I was expecting, not having a heated coil, the air to be cold, but the heat exchange in the Humid X Pro work brilliantly. I have to say though that I could do with more humidity if possible as I still get dry mouth and have to get round this with the use of Pastilles. The little machine clearly needs to wind itself up to offer the pressure you need and as a result it seems to pushing air before you need it which causes some noise in the Humidifier unit, it isn't quite as well calibrated as the air sense, but I suspect this is a small compromise to the physics of size and to be honest doesn't interfere with its usage or comfort. All in all I am very happy to have such a small handy travelling companion to replace my larger unit. I look forward to a battery option for the unit too as that will make usage in paling and trains that much easier.

– 03-Dec-2017 – Mask Type: F20, Size: M,
Travel Revolution

The new device is so much smaller and lighter making it ideal fro travel especially on aeroplanes. Due to the location of the "humidifier" in the tube below the mask it's slightly nosier although the main unit is very quiet. The machine "breaths" with you. Overall a brilliant step forward and I would have no reservation to recommend this unit as a secondary machine for travel and a backup a main unit.

– 23-Oct-2017 – Mask Type: P10,
Extraordinary machine

The ResMed machines have been getting better and better since I purchased my first one over five years ago. The AirMini is exceptional. It is so easy to take in holiday; it can fit in your hand. I am thinking of making this my permanent machine.

– 22-Oct-2017 – Mask Type: P10,