Your top 6 AirMini questions answered

How small is the ResMed AirMini™? It’s slightly larger than a smartphone and is the smallest, most compact sleep apnea machine ever manufactured. You get the same performance of a regular size bedside machine – but at a reduced size. If you’re still curious about this wonderful machine, we’ve collected answers to the top questions about the AirMini portable CPAP.

1. How much does AirMini cost?

AirMini is advertised by many online dealers and pricing may vary. Visit the ResMed Shop where you can find further details on available pricing for AirMini.

2. Are payment plans available for AirMini?

Yes, ResMed Shop has financing options available through Affirm. Just select Affirm at checkout and choose the financing plan that works best for you.

3. Is AirMini covered by insurance? Can I use my FSA or HSA funds to buy AirMini?

AirMini coverage varies by insurance provider and plan. We recommend you first contact your insurance carrier to find out if AirMini is covered.

To find out whether or not you can use your FSA or HSA funds to buy AirMini, check with your employer’s benefits administrator to determine if it’s eligible for you to buy. Some allow it!

4. Does AirMini have a battery?

No, the AirMini does not have a battery. It must be plugged into power to operate. Speak with your medical equipment provider to find the best portable power option for your travels with AirMini.

5. Does AirMini offer humidification?

Yes. AirMini has three humidification options – ResMed HumidX™, HumidX Plus and HumidX F20. They are waterless solutions designed to help keep your therapy comfortable. And you don’t have to worry about traveling with distilled water! HumidX and HumidX Plus work with compatible nasal and nasal pillows masks. HumidX F20 works with ResMed F20 series full face masks. Waterless humidification is currently not available when using AirFit™ F30.

6. Which CPAP masks are compatible with AirMini?

The ResMed masks that work with AirMini are:

Your medical equipment provider can tell you what you need to do to set up your ResMed mask with AirMini.

Packing AirMini for on-the-go CPAP therapy is so easy with the premium travel bag. It includes compartments for machine, tubing, masks and more, plus a comfortable shoulder strap. Learn more about our travel bag and other accessories on our AirMini accessories page.

Bon voyage!