Cookie Notice


Expedite uses cookies and other technologies to enhance user experience on our website. This notice explains how we use these technologies and the choices you have.


A cookie is a small data file created by websites you visit used to store information on your device. Other tracking technologies are used for similar purposes. We use cookies on our websites (whether or not you have registered or signed in to any of the services we provide).

How we use Cookies when not signed in or registered.

Cookies may collect certain information about a device and how it navigates through our websites to identify it when it revisits our websites. For example, based on the identity of a device, we may use cookies to remember website preferences a device has visited, deliver online ads to the individual using the device, and prepopulate forms.

How we use Cookies after you register or sign in to our services.

Once you register or sign in to our services, we may use Cookies to remember your specific website preferences, deliver ads to you via the email you may have provided to us, prepopulate forms, and recall your authentication information to make it easier to sign in to our services.

We may use both "session" and "persistent" cookies to better operate our website applications and to enhance user experience.

A persistent cookie helps us recognize someone as an existing user, where this individual can return to our password protected websites without signing in again. Once signed in, a persistent cookie stays in the browser. A session cookie enables certain features of our websites and is deleted from your device when you disconnect from or leave the website.

Please note that third-party websites you navigate to from our websites may also use cookies to display Expedite content. We cannot control how or when those cookies are applied. For example, when you link from our websites to a third-party website, that website may have the ability to recognize that you have come from our websites by using cookies. If you have any questions about how third-party websites use cookies, you should contact those third parties directly.

Web beacons or GIFs

We also may use web beacons or graphics interchange formats (GIFs) to allow us to adjust our website content to better respond to your needs. Web beacons are small graphics embedded in a web page, which unobtrusively track the online movements of visitors. The web beacons we use do not currently track, collect or link to your personal data.

ResMed Shop Cookies

  • We place Cookies provided by ResMed on ResMed Shop to identify visitors that have navigated to ResMed Shop from, and we share the information gathered from those Cookies with ResMed to monitor engagement and the effectiveness of both websites.
  • HubSpot: We place Cookies on ResMed Shop provided by Hubspot, a third-party service provider that helps us monitor use of our Service, and provide better website functionality to our visitors. More information about Hubspot’s Cookies is available on their website.
  • Advertising: We also use cookies for advertising purposes. Among other uses, these cookies limit the number of times you may see our advertisements, and help us measure the effectiveness of our outreach campaigns. The advertising or social media networks that we work with place these cookies on our behalf. They may track that you have visited ResMed Shop, and we then share this information with the advertising network, either automatically, or manually (this practice is sometimes referred to as “retargeting”). We work with the following advertising networks, and more information about their policies, and how you can customize or opt out of certain types of ads, are available using the links provided:

ResMed Shop Cookies

We may update our Cookie Notice from time to time. When we change the Cookie Notice in a material way, a prominent notice will be posted on our websites. Updates will take effect 15 days after the updated Cookie Notice is published. Each Cookie Notice will include the date on which it was last updated.

If you disagree with the changes you can edit your browser preferences to refuse to accept cookies, remove cookies or notify you when a cookie is set (select the "Help" menu on your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences). You do not have to accept all cookies sent to you by our websites. Depending on the particular cookie you reject, you may not be able to use some features on the website you are visiting or signing in to.

No change to the Cookie Notice will change any data processing permissions you may have granted separately.

If you have any questions regarding our Cookie Notice, please send us an email to