Prescription FAQs

Do I need a prescription to purchase an AirMini?

Yes, a prescription is required for the purchase of an AirMini.

Prescriptions may be uploaded or faxed to ResMed Shop. If you need assistance obtaining a copy of your prescription, ResMed Shop customer support are standing by, and with your permission can work with your health care provider or current supplier to obtain it. If we are unable to collect a valid prescription from you or on your behalf, you understand that we will be unable to process your order and it may be subject to cancellation.

What products on ResMed Shop require a prescription?

A prescription is required for the following ResMed products:

CPAP products that do NOT require a prescription include:

How do I acquire a prescription for a CPAP machine?

Step 1: Talk to your healthcare provider about your symptoms. Discussing your sleep health and symptoms will help your healthcare provider advise next steps.

Step 2: If directed by your healthcare provider, take a sleep test. After speaking with a healthcare provider, they may prescribe a sleep test to determine a diagnosis (a prescription is required to take a sleep test).

Step 3: Based on the sleep test results, your healthcare provider may prescribe sleep therapy, as applicable. Your healthcare provider will interpret the results of your sleep test. If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, they may write you a prescription for CPAP therapy.

Step 4: Begin CPAP therapy. You can purchase an AirMini or other CPAP machine and begin treatment. At ResMed Shop, we give you a risk-free 30-day trial for the AirMini. See our Return Policy for more details.

Step 5: Receive ongoing support from our team of advisors. Our team of sleep advisors provide support to help you experience a comfortable transition onto your new CPAP device.

What are the requirements for a valid CPAP prescription?

The following information is required on a valid CPAP prescription:

  • Full Name
  • Date of birth
  • Diagnosis
  • Device type & settings
  • Mask & accessories
  • Length of need (99 months or lifetime)
  • Physician name & signature
  • Physician contact information 

If you have further questions, please use this template to make sure your prescription is in the correct format.

If your current prescription is missing any of the listed requirements, your healthcare provider will need to update the prescription with all the correct information.

How long is my CPAP prescription valid?

If your current CPAP prescription mentions a "lifetime need" or says "99 months," it's valid for as long as you need therapy.

If your prescription shows an expiration date, it is valid until the date shown. You’ll need to renew your CPAP prescription on or before that expiration date to purchase other CPAP equipment.


Can I use an international prescription?

Yes, we accept international prescriptions as long as the prescription is in English or easy to translate, and we can verify the doctor’s credentials. In addition, the prescription needs to have all the required information mentioned above to be valid. Upon receipt and final review of the prescription, we will ship your order.

Please note that we do not ship internationally. See our Terms of Use for the full list of states where we are a licensed provider of Durable Medical Equipment or Home Medical Equipment.


What do I do if my prescription has expired?

If your prescription has expired, a new and valid prescription must be obtained from your healthcare provider. Please note that you can’t purchase any items from ResMed Shop that require a prescription without a valid prescription.