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Recommended if you plan to travel with your AirMini™ or wish to customize your experience.

AirMini Soft Travel Bag

This premium carry bag makes travelling with your ResMed AirMini a breeze. The stylish travel bag is spacious enough to fit your AirMini machine, your choice of an AirMini compatible mask, and other compatible accessories! You can even squeeze in your mobile device too.



Exclusive to AirMini, HumidX™ and HumidX Plus cartridges are small heat and moisture exchangers designed to retain moisture and humidify the air you breathe to provide a comfortable, quality therapy experience. Cartridges should be replaced after 30 days of use and are not suitable for washing.

HumidX and HumidX Plus are only compatible with the AirMini P10 nasal pillows, N20 and N30 nasal masks.


CPAP Mask Wipes

A quick and convenient cleaning solution for your CPAP mask. Use daily or after each use to gently remove dirt, oils and other residue for mask maintenance and cleanliness.


AirMini Hard Travel Case

This slim hard case is designed to hold and protect your AirMini device. It even fits into the premium travel bag! It’s convenient and useful when traveling as it is just the right fit for any luggage.


AirMini™ bed caddy

The AirMini Bed Caddy allows you to secure your AirMini device to various points such as your bedside table, wall or even an airplane seat pocket. The Bed Caddy works by keeping your AirMini CPAP machine just where you want it, without it slipping out of place.

Special Features:

  • Mattress module: used to attach the AirMini to the side of a bed, between the bedframe and mattress.
  • Hook module: hang the AirMini on a bed rail, bedside table or airplane seat pocket.
  • Wall module: mount the AirMini to a wall (screws/adhesive tape not included).

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