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Save £55 when buying the AirMini bundle with AirFit F20 full-face mask

AirMini bundle offer with AirFit F20 for Her mask, size S

This bundle includes:

  • AirMini AutoSet machine
  • AirFit F20 for Her full-face mask designed for women
  • AirMini F20 set-up kit, including HumidX waterless humidification
  • AirMini app (free download)


Do you already have an AirFit F20 or AirTouch F20 mask ? You can buy an AirMini bundle offer that allows you to connect your existing F20 mask to the AirMini travel CPAP device.

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Small in size, smart with features, and using proven AutoSet algorithms1-4, AirMini solutions provide you with the quality therapy you’ve come to expect from ResMed in a truly compact and travel-friendly package.

This bundle offer includes all the components you need to start sleep therapy:

  • AirMini AutoSet machine: the compact AirMini device uses the same algorithms as ResMed’s bedside devices and offers features such as AutoRamp, Expiratory Pressure Relief and Smart Start and Stop. The AirMini can be operated with a one-touch button or you can use the AirMini smartphone app to customise your therapy comfort and view your treatment data. It is supplied with two mains cables so you can use your device in the UK and the EU. Read more here
  • AirFit F20 for Her: ResMed AirFit F20 for Her is a compact full-face mask designed for women that offers an effective seal at high pressures5. Read more about AirFit F20 for Her
  • AirMini F20 set-up kit: the set-up kit has three components: 1 pre-assembled F20 connector so you can connect the AirFit F20 for Her to the AirMini device, 1 HumidX F20 waterless humidification system* that clicks directly in the F20 cushion, and 1 flexible AirMini tube. Read more about AirMini F20 Set-up Kit.
  • AirMini app: use the AirMini app to activate your machine, manage comfort options and monitor your sleep therapy online. The AirMini app is available for iPhone (iOS version 10.2 minimum) and Android (version 4.4 minimum).

*Each HumidX F20 lasts for 30 days once it has been removed from the packaging. If you would like to stock up with additional supplies, HumidX F20 is available to buy in packs of 3 and in packs of 6.

Ask your doctor or homecare provider about using ResMed's full-face CPAP masks to treat your sleep apnoea. If you think you might have sleep apnoea but haven't been diagnosed, discuss your concerns with your doctor.

1. Netzel et al. APAP device technology and correlation with patient compliance. Somnologie - Schlafforschung und Schlafmedizin 2014; DOI: 10.1007/s11818-014-0662-0.

2. Isetta et al. Comparative assessment of several automatic CPAP devices responses: a bench test study. ERJ Open Res 2015; 1:00031-2015.

3. Zhu et al. All APAPs are not equivalent for the treatment of sleep disordered breathing: a bench evaluation of eleven commercially available devices. J Clin Sleep Med 2015 11(7):725-34.

4. Isetta et al. Novel Approach to Simulate Sleep Apnea Patients for Evaluation Positive Pressure Therapy Devices. PLoS ONE 11(3): e0151530.doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0151530.

5. AirFit F20 is validated at therapy pressures from 3 to 40 cm H2O - refer to AirFit F20 user guide.

Technical details

Manufacturer ResMed
Colour White
Pressure 4-20cm H2O
Included in Package ResMed AirMini AutoSet machine and AirMini user guide (consult user guide for available languages), AirMini F20 set-up kit (including F20 connector for AirMini x1, AirMini Tube x1, HumidX F20 x1), AirFit F20 full face mask system (including frame system, headgear and cushion) and AirFit F20 user guide (consult user guide for available languages).
Weight 300g
Aircraft use Meets Federal Aviation Administration requirements for all phases of air travel
Depth 84mm
Height 52 mm
Width 136mm
Modes AutoSet, AutoSet for Her, CPAP

Watch our videos to learn more about AirMini travel CPAP and AirFit F20 full face mask and learn how to use HumidX F20.

Enjoy the benefits of AirMini, the smallest1 portable CPAP machine:

Discover the AirFit F20 full-face CPAP mask:

How to insert HumidX F20 waterless humidification into F20 full face CPAP mask:

Check out our advice on AirFit F20 for Her size selection and AirMini set up.

Setting up your AirMini CPAP machine with AirFit F20 for Her

1. Plug the power supply unit into your machine and then into the power outlet.

2. Connect the grey end of the air tubing to your machine.

Adding optional humidification

1. To add the HumidX F20 to your mask, first align the left and right indicators to your mask cushion and frame.

2. Using the blue tabs on the top and bottom, insert the HumidX F20 into the slots around the air inlet of the mask cushion and frame until it clicks into place.

Connecting your AirMini machine and smart device

1. Ensure you have the latest version of the AirMini app installed on your smart device. If not, download it from the App Store or Google Play.

2. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your smart device. Refer to the user guide for your smart device if you need instructions.

3. Open the AirMini app: you’ll be greeted with a welcome screen.

4. Accept ResMed's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to continue.

5. When prompted by the AirMini app, press the Bluetooth button on your AirMini machine.

6. When the light on your machine flashes blue, Bluetooth is enabled and ready to connect.

7. Tap Connect on the smart device.

8. Wait until your machine appears in the accessory selection list.

9. Select your machine from the list to connect.

Select the correct AirFit F20 cushion size

Step 1: Print out the fitting template. Make sure it is printed to scale.

Step 2: Cut out along the dotted line.

Step 3: Refer to the diagram on template to find the most appropriate cushion size.

Refer to the AirMini user guide and AirFit F20 for Her user guide for further instructions and complete labelling information including indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.


1. As of 06 February 2020. 136 mm (W) x 84 mm (H) x 52 mm (D), 250 cm³.



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