CPAP masks

ResMed CPAP masks help make your sleep apnoea treatment simple, convenient and effective. To help you find a mask that suits your needs and sleep habits, our CPAP masks are divided into three categories: MinimalistFreedom and Versatile Fit. You’ll find full facenasal and nasal pillows mask options across our mask categories. For more information on which type of CPAP mask might suit you best, go to our Mask Advisor page.

Which CPAP mask style is right for me?

CPAP masks come in different designs. If you’re new to CPAP or are updating an existing mask, the different options can be a tricky landscape to navigate. Our Mask Categories help you find your way to your ideal mask by separating models out according to your needs. Start by thinking about how you like to sleep at night, then read on to find out which category could suit your sleep style.

About our CPAP masks categories

Minimalist CPAP masks

Small, discreet and simple, these masks are designed to blend right into your night-time routine.

Freedom CPAP masks

Help you to enjoy sleeping on your belly or change position as you please.

Versatile Fit CPAP masks

Designed for comfortable therapy and a reassuring fit in a traditional format.


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