Freedom CPAP masks

Want a mask tube that stays out of your way? All Freedom masks are tube-up design, meaning there’s no tube in front of your face
Want to change position throughout the night? Freedom masks feature a 360◦ elbow letting your equipment move with you, whether you’re sleeping on your belly, side or back
Want to wake up without red marks on the bridge of your nose? A Freedom mask could suit you as they all feature an under-the-nose cushion, with nothing on your nasal bridge

If you answered yes, a ResMed Freedom CPAP mask could be a good fit for you.

AirFit™ F30i - Full Face Mask
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AirFit™ P30i - Pillow Mask
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AirFit™ N30i - Nasal Mask
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Looking for something else? Discover our other mask categories:

Minimalist masks
 are designed to be discreet, small and simple, for people who want a mask that blends in.

Versatile fit masks are designed for those who want to find a mask to fit them easily.

For more information on which type of CPAP mask might suit you best, go to our Mask Advisor page.


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